Samsung Galaxy S9 camera details come into focus ahead of MWC reveal

The Plus version will reportedly come with a dual-camera setup that features dual-12-megapixel cameras, with one opening up to a big f1.5 aperture. That should give it improved low-light performance and better portrait effects. It’ll also pack a bigger 3,500 milliamp hour battery and 6gb of RAM instead of the regular S9’s 4gb. Both phones will feature 1441 by 2960 AMOLED screens, Bluetooth 5.0, micro SD card slots, and Samsung’s OS layered over Android 8.

Mobile World Congress starts next Monday in beautiful Barcelona, and DT will have all the news and reveals from the big telecom extravaganza.

Maybe they ran out of patches

Google-based cyber security bug hunters say they’ve found a security flaw in Microsoft’s Edge browser, and now they’re saying Redmond hasn’t done anything about it despite being warned in November, so they’re going public.

The bug hunters belong to Google’s “Project Zero,” and they claim they gave Microsoft a heads up on the problem back in November, and then sat on the news for the requisite 90 days while waiting for the Edge team to patch things up. But so far: Nothing. So they’ve published a paper on the “medium” level security risk to maybe speed up the response time.

Zero to 60 in OMG

Elon Musk says his upcoming Tesla Roadster refresh – no, not the one he just launched into space – will do 0 to 60mph in 1.9 seconds, which would pretty much make it the fastest production car in the world, gas or electric. But now a Japanese company says their car, the Asprk Owl, can also knock down 60 miles an hour in under two seconds – and they just went out and actually did it.

Check out the posts on the Japanese Gigazine YouTube page showing the car prepping for the run with a smoky burnout, and then knocking out 60 in 1.921 seconds before going hard on the brakes to avoid yonder hill. The car is wearing essentially race tires, but hey, the timer tech doesn’t lie: 1.9 seconds it is. The team says they are working to tweak the car to make the same sub-2 second run on street tires, and we’re sure video proof will follow if they can pull it off.

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